Health Benefits of Cycling

Bicycles are a very popular means of transport because of their versatility. Many people ride bikes as a means of going back and forth, while others ride for leisure. Health improvement is possibly the most relevant reason why people like to ride bikes. Cycling, particularly mountain biking, is without a doubt one of the best sports that help encourage people to stay healthy. Here are some of the fitness advantages of Cycling.


Mountain bikes are great for working the different muscles in the body. Biking mainly involves the lower body, which means that it will shape up your buttocks, calves and quads. If the terrain is rougher, you will need to exert more effort, which means that you can also work out your shoulders, back and abdomen.


Going mountain biking can also improve the health of one’s heart. This sport can get the heart to pump enough blood through the body, leaving the oxygen level in great shape in the process. Even people with arthritis will find this sport enjoyable because it has a very low impact on the joints. Because it is a non-load-bearing exercise, there is a minimum risk of injury.


Weight loss can also be made more effective by riding a mountain bike. In order to do this, you need to know your maximum heart rate, which you can get by subtracting your age from 225 if you are female, or from 220 if you are male. You should then aim for two thirds or three-fourths of the resulting number whenever you ride.


Aside from these health reasons, mountain biking can also do wonders for one’s social and psychological health. Riding a bike can encourage you to meet people who enjoy the sport as well so that you will have someone who can ride with you. Also, it is a great way to improve your mood as it allows you to spend time outdoors and marvel at your natural environments beauty.